Blom believes that the flexibility, accessibility and privacy of our products is crucial in order to satisfy customer needs. Developed by Blom, BlomSHOT incorporates all the data and functionality provided via the BlomURBEX™ service, available as a stand-alone package, requiring no access to the outside world.

The entire BlomSHOT solution is constructed by Blom and then shipped to the client in its entirety. All the Blom data is pre-loaded, and ready for use, configured exactly to customer requirements. Initial set-up is clear and easy, with full documentation provided. Our Sales Support Team will be available for technical advice every step of the way, to ensure that installation is smooth and painless. Although the data is served through the clients own intranet, Blom’s end user applications, such as the JavaScript API, Blom SDK, BlomDESKTOP and GIS Plug-ins are all still available with BlomSHOT.


Local Government

Multiple views of any location provide asset managers a rich library to generate reports for planning and recording asset inventory.

Central Government

Security of data is a top priority. BlomSHOT allows end users the flexibility of served data with the security of it being self-hosted.  

Emergency Services Response

Possible to familiarise yourself with the scene before reaching the situation. Powerful information for night time situation.

Urban Planning & Maintenance

BlomSHOT is capable of seamlessly hosting aerial Imagery, maps, LiDAR and 3D models, creating a complete visualisation package.

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