Mobile Laser Scanning and Video Capture

Blom currently uses the Rapid Surveyor™ as its Mobile LiDAR System, this system can acquire at up to 400,000 measurements per second ensuring very detailed real world information is collected.

The Rapid Surveyor gives the user the ability to capture point cloud information from a moving platform with a level of precision that will complement existing survey techniques. This also has the added benefit of minimising exposure of staff to high risk environments such as the highway and rail tracks.

Typically the mobile mapping systems are ideally suited for corridor mapping and therefore market focus is on road and rail networks. As with terrestrial scanners the range of the sensor is dependent on the reflectivity and orientation of the objects or surface but generally sensors are suitable up to 200m.

The generated output can be used and displayed in many formats such as LAS, Ascii XYZi, POD, Pts with the RAW point cloud, a very powerful tool for straight forward point to point measurement. It is essential that a clear statement of work (SOW) is defined before commencing with such a survey; this is reflected by specifying tolerances for point resolution, range and accuracy. Very often the point cloud is used to create further products and surfaces such as:

  • DTM by Meshing or surfacing
  • 2D and 3D line drawings
  • Asset feature capture
  • Profiles Cross Section generation
  • Animation


Safety Fence Assessment

Using Route Mapper, road designers and maintainers can check compliance of safety barrier heights.

Topographic Mapping

Route Mapper is commonly used to produce topographic mapping for Highway Design applications.

Asset Inventory & Management

7 of 13 UK Highways Agency MACS use Road Mapper to digitise their asset inventories and export the data to HAPMS / GIS systems.

Surface Profiling & Drainage

Positioning, LiDAR, video and mapping allows highway designers to use Route Mapper to map road surface contours and drainage profiles.

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