3D City Models

3D city models have become an important dataset over the past few years and are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and intelligent as computer power increases and the level of attribution expands. Blom has considerable experience of producing models at various levels of detail and suitable for different applications, with the improvement of accuracy and the addition of photo realistic texturing, 3D models are becoming vital as part of planning decision making processes.

Depending upon requirements, models can be created from photogrammetry information; aerial LiDAR or oblique imagery. The integration of BlomOBLIQUE imagery provides a unique new perspective on these custom models. 


Architecture & City Design

Highly accurate models produced for planning consultations to raise the profile of the city development schemes.

Environmental Studies

3D models are currently playing a large role in a range of environmental studies, creating valuable information for noise mapping and flood mapping.

BIM Modelling

Customised 3D models provide the foundations for BIM by creating a spatial reference in which to allow a wealth of non-spatial data to be attached and analysis and rapid prototyping to be completed.


Various forms of 3D models and landmark creations are currently being used for tourism visualisations, as illustrations in brochures, on road signs, advertisements and within tourism videos.

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