European Governments are committed to investing in renewable energy and have set plans for renewable sources to provide 20% of all energy by 2020. Solar is being seen as a major replacement energy source and there are now government schemes being introduced to encourage the uptake of solar PV panels contributing to meeting the 2020 COemission reduction targets. In addition to solar energy, wind, wave and tidal power are all expected to play a significant role in meeting European carbon reduction targets.

Onshore wind continues to grow steadily, whilst the last few years has seen rapid expansion of offshore wind capacity across Europe. Wave and tidal energy are also attracting significant investment and will see further commercialisation and capacity expansion over the coming years.

Blom provides cost effective survey and mapping solutions for Renewable Energy projects. From initial feasibility studies through to post construction monitoring, Blom can assist at every stage of the development process by providing accurate environmental and topographic data. 


Sea Bird Surveys

Before wind farms are built environmental impact assessments are completed, Blom is able to gather data on the behaviour, composition, distribution and number of seabirds in these areas without disturbing them.

Solar Potential Assessments

Blom can use 3D models to calculate the potential of roofs for solar panels, assessing the orientation and pitch of the roof and the total suitability of the roof area and material.

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