Transport - Road & Rail

Infrastructure is the heart of any country and an area of continuing growth. For companies responsible for the maintenance and evolution of the networks balancing safety, efficiency and progress is a complex mission. The requirement to maintain the networks, plan for the future and cope with natures influence (snow and ice) can be benefited by the use of geospatial data.

Blom is proud to be involved in many diverse frameworks to provide geospatial data to the transport sectors and also to engineering companies that provide design and engineering services into the transport sector. Sustainable growth relies on efficient and safer procedural methods, by Blom providing high resolution aerial imagery or LiDAR datasets for desktop surveys the requirement for site visits are reduced. Saving time, money and safety risks.


Asset Management

Services such as the mobile laser scanner and high accuracy aerial imagery are being used for asset management of highways. These desktop surveys reduce the number of site surveys required, therefore improving safety and saving on costs. 

Safety Fence Assessment

Using the mobile scanner, road designers and maintainers can check compliance of safety barrier heights or other design features.

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