Geospatial data is becoming increasing popular within the media sector, from high tech GPS tracking devises in crime thrillers to aerial overviews in the news. As public understanding of geographic data increases then so does the demand for data – it is now an expected illustration.

Blom has many clients within the media industry; traditional aerial imagery is a popular product within media, our vast archive of vertical or oblique imagery is regularly used as representation of geographic location in documentaries or news items. The evolution of 3D modelling is creating an exciting new product to be used within the media industry, from illustrations to interactive flythrough.


News Items

BlomOBLIQUE imagery is ideal for creating geographical illustration for news items, providing the observer with a visual representation of the referenced location and a better understanding of the environment. 

Graphical Illustrations

The famous Eastenders map of London (created by Blom UK) shown in the title sequence is an example of how geographical data is currently being used for illustration purposes within the media

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